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ChiLink cloud management platform, based on cloud computing technology, provides customers with massive terminal equipment management services. The platform realizes the wireless router terminal

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Platform features

ChiLink cloud management platform, based on cloud computing technology, provides customers with massive terminal equipment management services. The platform realizes the wireless router terminal

Product status monitoring, remote upgrades, location positioning services, advertising push, external storage management, business data transparent transmission, user authority control, etc.

Comprehensive management functions.

Parallel expansion can support access to millions of terminal devices. Reduce equipment maintenance costs, lower the barriers to the development and use of communication equipment projects,

Create maximum value for customers.


Platform Introduction

Running status monitoring

The panoramic map shows the distribution of equipment, and intuitively controls the deployment and operation status of the project

Comprehensive management of router operating information, including online status, IP, port, traffic, network mode, signal strength, etc.

Accurate operation statistics, save statistics of various operation data such as router’s first access to the system, login, activity, traffic, etc.

Support multiple positioning methods such as GPS positioning, base station assisted positioning, WIFI hybrid positioning, etc.

Supports multiple map coordinate systems such as AutoNavi, Baidu, and Goole, and provides external conversion functions to facilitate user project deployment

Remote parameter configuration management/remote control/remote channel

Remotely view/modify the current parameter configuration of the router

Report/send parameter configuration files, initialize multiple parameters in batch

Parameters are classified according to business attributes, providing validity and legitimacy verification, concise and easy to use

Support remote restart of the router, support regular restart

Support remote upgrade of routers, TCP/UDP/FTP multiple upgrade modes to meet different corporate network conditions

Support remote packet capture and packet capture file upload, viewing and analysis, and automatic packet capture for abnormal traffic can be set

Support router external relay to be turned on or off remotely

Automatically allocate remote channel IP addresses to realize the interconnection of devices under different network segments

The PC in the enterprise LAN can directly access the router and the lower computer through the remote channel

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Statistical reports and alarms

Traffic report, supports monthly, daily, and hourly statistical viewing, which can accurately distinguish the traffic of different SIM card slots and network modes

Network signal strength report

Online rate, online duration report

Equipment online and offline record report

The report supports exporting to Excel, PDF, image and other formats

Support the user to confirm the alarm information, add/edit/view the alarm solution this time

Display real-time and historical alarm information

WIFI device access management and advertising operation

View the status information of mobile devices (mobile phones, tablets, etc.) connected to WIFI, and report the URL for storage and query

Monthly traffic limit and access time limit for WIFI access devices

Support verification code timing billing function

Portal advertisements are distributed remotely, and it supports multiple Portal authentication methods such as email and SMS.zhilian (2)

Security and access control

Support multiple user types for read-only users, operators, and super administrators

Supports setting according to terminal directory permissions, each user can only see the devices within the scope of permission assignment

Encrypted storage of sensitive fields such as passwords

Support ssl encrypted transmission

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