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Shenzhen ChiLink IoT Technology Co., Ltd. is an IoT enterprise dedicated to providing industrial-grade wireless network communication products and solutions. ChiLink IoT Technology integrates product development, production, sales, technical services and customized development. Since its establishment, the company has provided M2M series products and solutions based on mobile communications for all walks of life.

Products include serial port server, LoRa module, wifi module, GPS positioning module, Beidou positioning module, industrial-grade 3G/4G modem, GPRS DTU, 3G/4G DTU, industrial-grade 3G/4G wireless router, car wifi, live load balancing router, 4G industrial computer, M2M cloud platform and other hardware and software.

It covers smart power, smart transportation, smart fire protection, smart home, smart water conservancy, smart medical care, express cabinets, charging piles, self-service terminals, public safety, security communications, industrial monitoring, environmental protection, environmental monitoring, street lighting, flower cultivation, and on-board vehicles Wifi and other fields.

ChiLink has a professional R&D team of industrial network communication products, which is composed of electronic engineers, software engineers and network engineers with rich experience in system application. It adopts the development process and standards of industrial products. International leading technology, continuous innovation, pursuit of excellence, developed a series of stable and reliable industrial communication products, and obtained a number of inventions and patents.