Vending Machine 4G Industrial Cellular Router Networking Solution

Vending Machine

As the pace of life accelerates, everyone is trying to save as much time as possible, which will cause buyers’ habits to slowly change. And vending machines, due to their small size, flexible location, and convenient use, make more and more young people like to buy drinks, food and other products from vending machines, because it is easier and faster than going to the grocery store. Brings a lot of convenience to daily life.

There is an increasing demand for vending machines in the retail industry, and the installation and maintenance of vending machines require many different employees. If an enterprise wants to cut expenses and increase business profitability, it must have a system that allows employees to remotely control vending machines, such as monitoring the status and inventory of the vending machines.

At present, the data transmission between the vending machine and the operation center is realized by the Internet. When the vending machine is installed, it may be inconvenient to deploy a wired network. At this time, the advantages of 4g/5g industrial cellular router are brought out. It can avoid the problem of building wired network infrastructure. Through wireless technology, vending machines can be placed in as many locations as possible to increase market share. The application of wireless networks maximizes the flexibility and convenience of vending machines.


It can be seen from the topology diagram that the connection reliability of the 4g/5g industrial cellular router is the most important feature in the entire vending machine network solution, because all parts (including temperature, humidity, inventory sensors, advertising screens, payment systems) , Video surveillance, etc.) are all connected to this wireless router, and communicate with the operation center through this router. If the machine loses its connection to the Internet, most of these solution components will stop functioning. This shows how important it is to install a professional and stable cellular router.

Why choose Chilink’s ZR2000 series 4g industrial cellular router?

1. Low cost, small size, with hanging ears, which can be easily installed in any position.
2. Built-in firewall and support multiple VPNs to ensure the security of electronic payment data.
3. Industrial design, resistant to cold and high temperature (-30~70℃), and can be used in most places.
4. High signal gain and strong anti-interference ability.
5. Multiple watchdog mechanism to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.
6. With functions such as online monitoring, remote operation and maintenance, and exception push, it can effectively improve operation and maintenance efficiency and reduce operation and maintenance costs.

In addition to ZR2000 series 4g industrial cellular router, you can also choose higher-end ZS5000 series products. This product supports two SIM cards working at the same time to further ensure the normal network connection.

Post time: Sep-09-2021