Company travel activities

In order to relax and reduce pressure, enhance communication and communication between colleagues and enhance friendship, our company organized a full-length trip to Heyuan on September 15th, 2018. Take us to experience the holy land of the lake.

Let employees improve communication and understanding in natural beauty and enhance team cohesion. In this activity summary, we relax and adjust our body and mind, creating a united, active and progressive atmosphere.

The activity was organized and promoted by the administrative and personnel department. The Department did detailed deployment work before the trip. From accommodation, catering, transportation to personnel statistics, itinerary arrangement and event notice, everything was fine. Each detail has condensed the Department’s efforts and the deep desire to make the employees have fun and have a good time.

At 9:00 a.m. on September 15, the staff of all departments gathered at the door of the company to count the number of people and get on the car in order, and embarked on our pleasant trip. On the way, we were very happy, some of them couldn’t wait to shoot the beautiful scenery outside the window, some talked about the family routine in the sky, and the three hour drive was soon over in everyone’s laughter. We arrived at the wanlvhu Lake in our mind. At 12:30, we arrived at the hotel, and we gathered in the restaurant. During the dinner, everyone was very happy, talking to each other and expressing their hearts.


After lunch, we gathered to start a real tour of Heyuan. The main tour route is Heyuan, Guangdong Province, where we can visit the largest artificial lake island in Heyuan, wanlvhu Jinghuayuan.

Soon we arrived at our destination, got off in order, and took a group photo at the gate of Wanlv Lake scenic area. Some of the 4G routers and 4G modules sang songs, loud and clear, echoing in the air; Some can’t wait to go out to enjoy the unique customs. Looking up, the sky is blue, the green grass is green, the clouds and flowers are beautiful, and the wild fragrance is fragrant; Incisively and vividly highlights the infinite scenery of the lake, such as clusters of mountains, murmuring water. It’s a holy land for summer., Relying on the beautiful natural scenery and rich animal and plant resources of Wanlu lake, the scenic spot focuses on the natural ecology, gardens, forests, strange rocks and caves. Taking the fairyland beauty and anecdotes described in the novel as the main line, the scenic spots and projects such as Baihua square, Baihua Road, Lvxiang Pavilion, rumengyan, ningcui Valley, Hongyan cave, Qihong Pavilion, daughter’s country, high altitude parachute, etc. are set up, It is a comprehensive tourism area integrating sightseeing tourism, forest vacation and special characteristic stimulating tourism products. Enjoy the large-scale Hakka song and dance performances. Island in the water – wish Island, surrounded by green water, water color changes three times a day. When you cross Xianyuan bridge and stroll on the island, you can feel the tranquility of the mountains, the tranquility of the earth and the softness of the water. You can sit alone in a secluded place or invite friends to play chess. You will feel more calm and quiet, as if you are immortal!

In the laughter, the journey soon ended. 4G router and 4G module, we gather at the entrance of the scenic spot, go to the restaurant for dinner, after dinner, we go to gaopugang Ketianxia international tourist resort, check-in, a theme leisure resort integrating residence, leisure and entertainment, high-end business services. 20: 30 – free soaking in Ketianxia Crystal hot spring (30-35 hot spring pools): with a total investment of 300 million yuan, it is an excellent hot spring resort with the theme of “world bath culture”, novel and unique design, exquisite and elegant layout, perfect combination of natural landscape and cultural landscape, and can be participated in by tourists in four seasons of a year. The water quality of the hot spring is clear and tasteless, and the temperature is 36 ~ 68 ℃ ° C. It belongs to calcium carbonate spring, which is rich in free carbon dioxide and trace elements; The hot springs are divided into: Germany Pavilion, China bathing area, Europe bathing area and Thailand Pavilion. Also equipped with dinosaur water world and ice dream world.

At the same time, relaxation and decompression not only enhance the emotional communication between everyone, but also enhance the cohesion of the enterprise. At the same time, it also reflects the company’s work style of caring for employees and combining work with rest.


Due to the typhoon, we stayed for one night. On the third day, we gathered for breakfast in the morning and went back to Shenzhen happily. Return to Shenzhen safely and the tour is over.

We can still remember the wonderful journey, and our laughter still reverberates in our ears. This tour gives you a chance to get to know each other and get to know each other. In the process, you can see another side of your life. We pursue preciseness and meticulousness in our work. But in life, we are always young to enjoy life. We love work and we love life. The two are complementary. Travel organized by the company is a good connection between work and leisure, and a physical and mental relaxation is to re gather strength to invest in future work. The reason why the whole process is so successful is inseparable from the careful consideration of the leaders and the comprehensive consideration of the problems, from the selection of the league and the determination of the route. Every detail is considered carefully, so that we can have a good time. The return of the tour adds a sense of intimacy and identity to our company. I like this company and this big family!

4G module

Shenzhen Zhilian IOT Technology Co., Ltd. is an IOT enterprise dedicated to providing industrial wireless network communication products and solutions. Zhilian IOT technology integrates product R & D, production, sales, technical service and customized development. Since its establishment, the company has provided M2M series products and solutions based on mobile communication for all walks of life; 4G router and 4G module
Products include serial server, Lora module, WiFi module, GPS positioning module, Beidou positioning module, industrial 3G / 4G modem, GPRS DTU, 3G / 4G DTU, industrial 3G / 4G wireless router, vehicle WiFi, live load balancing router, 4G industrial computer, M2M cloud platform and other hardware and software.

It covers many fields such as intelligent power, intelligent transportation, intelligent fire control, intelligent home, intelligent water conservancy, intelligent medical treatment, express cabinet, charging pile, self-service terminal, public safety, security communication, industrial monitoring, environmental protection, environmental monitoring, street lighting, flower cultivation, vehicle WiFi, etc.

Zhilian IOT has a professional R & D team of industrial network communication products, which is composed of electronic engineers, software engineers and network engineers with rich experience in electronic product development and system application. Based on the development process and standards of industrial products, adopting international leading technology, continuous innovation and pursuit of excellence, Zhilian IOT has developed a series of stable and innovative products Reliable industrial communication products, obtained a number of inventions and patents.

Corporate culture: Zhilian IOT is trusted and recognized by customers with its professional team, high-quality products and perfect service.
Zhilian IOT values: professional cooperation, integrity, innovation, customer satisfaction.

I、 Industrial Design

1. High performance industrial 32-bit processor

It adopts the world’s top wireless solution, Qualcomm chip, with fast processing speed, low power consumption, low calorific value, strong compatibility and more stability, and can meet the requirements of 365 days a year, 7 * 24 hours, long-term stable operation without dropping the line.

2. Adopt high performance industrial communication module

It adopts high-quality communication module of Huawei and other first-line brands, with strong receiving ability, stable signal and faster transmission.
operating system

Openwrt is a highly modular and automated embedded Linux system, which makes the device more stable. It has 128MB flash and 1G memory, which can support the needs of personalized customized development.

High quality PCB circuit board, using industrial components

The circuit board of the company adopts high quality material, high standard production, 4-layer board technology, and the components of the product are industrial components with stable performance. All the machines are automated to realize the chip production, which ensures the stability and reliability of the product.

The power supply adopts wide voltage design

Support dc5v-36v, built-in power reverse phase protection and over-voltage and over-current protection, withstand the impact of transient voltage and current too high.

Ethernet adopts gigabit network port with built-in electromagnetic protection

Ethernet interface built-in 1.5kV electromagnetic isolation protection, Gigabit network port, faster transmission speed.

Strong anti-interference ability

The shell adopts thickened metal shell to shield electromagnetic interference. The protection grade of the equipment is ip34, which is suitable for use in harsh industrial environment.

II、 Powerful function

1. Multi mode multi card, load balancing

Expand the bandwidth of network equipment and server, increase the throughput, strengthen the network data processing ability, improve the flexibility and availability of the network.

Support global network system

Support the 2G, 3G and 4G network systems of the three major domestic operators, or support Europe, or support Southeast Asia, or support Africa, or support the 2G, 3G and 4G network systems of Latin America and other countries.

Support wired and wireless backup

WAN port and LAN port can be flexibly switched, supporting WAN port wired and wireless backup, wired priority and wireless backup.
serial transmission

Support 232 / 485 serial port transmission at the same time.

Support APN / VPDN special network card, support a variety of VPN

Support the use of APN / VPDN special network card, and support PPTP, L2TP, IPSec, OpenVPN, GRE and other VPNs.

Powerful WiFi function

With WiFi function, it can hide SSID, support 3-way WiFi at the same time, support up to 15 channels, and can access 50 devices at the same time. WiFi supports 802.11b/g/n, supports WiFi AP, AP client, repeater, relay bridge, WDS and other working modes, and supports 802.11ac, namely 5.8G (optional).
Support IP penetration

It can realize that the host IP is the IP address obtained by the router, which is equivalent to the host directly inserting the card to dial the Internet to obtain the base station IP.

Support VLAN virtual LAN partition

VLAN technology can combine different places, different networks and different users to form a virtual network environment.

Support QoS, bandwidth limit

Support different network port bandwidth speed limit, IP speed limit, total bandwidth speed limit.

Support DHCP, DDNS, firewall, NAT, DMZ host and other functions

Support ICMP, TCP, UDP, Telnet, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS and other network protocols

Support timing restart, SMS control online and offline

Optional support for portal advertising, SMS authentication, wechat authentication, GPS / Beidou Positioning Function (optional)

Support M2M cloud platform management, mobile phone monitoring and web monitoring

Device data monitoring, traffic limit function, resource push, statistical report, remote device management (remote restart, WiFi switch), remote parameter modification, traffic limit, GPS positioning and tracking track.

III、 Stable and reliable

1. Support hardware WDT watchdog and provide anti drop mechanism to ensure that the data terminal is always online.

2. Support ICMP detection, traffic detection, timely detection of network abnormalities, automatic restart equipment, ensure the long-term stability and reliability of the system.

3. Industrial design, metal shell, anti-interference, anti radiation, 95% humidity, no condensation, high temperature and low temperature resistance, can work normally from minus 30 ℃ to high temperature 75 ℃.

4. The products have passed CCC certification, European CE certification and other certification

The operation is simple, convenient and easy to use

1. Easy access to the Internet, push type user card interface, insert mobile phone card / Internet of things card / special network card, after power on, you can use network port and WiFi.

2. Support software and hardware to restore factory settings, software can clear parameters, and hardware RST can restore factory settings.

3. Product quick instructions, web menu page, can quickly set the use of equipment.

4. Diagnostic tools: log Download View, remote logging, Ping detection, routing tracking, convenient detection of device information.

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