ZR1000 4G GPS Cellular Router

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The advantage of the ZR1000 series industrial 4G routers is that support GPS capability for fleet management or other tracking application.

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ZR1000 series 4G Router is the internet of thing mobile broadband router and a machine to machine(M2M) industrial cellular router.High data speed via 4G network, 3G/2G backward compatible.It is an ideal wireless data transfer device for applications transferring large data load because of ultimately fast transfer speed in 4G network reaching up to 150Mbps download and up to 50Mbps upload.

In addition,ZR1000 series 4G router support GPS,is widely used in industries that require positioning functions such as smart buses, smart driving tests, smart ships, smart logistics, smart transportation, engineering surveys, etc.

Industrial Design

  • High-performance dual-core hardware platform
  • Rugged and compact metal housing
  • High and low temperature resistance(-30℃~75℃),durable
  • Wide voltage range (7.5V DC to 32V DC)
  • Strong electromagnetic interference Resistance,passed the EMC test required for CE certification
  • Support  mounting ear for industrial


  • Built-in watch dog,Multi-link detection
  • Always online,automatically reconnect when disconnected to ensure continuous connection
  • LCP/ICMP/flow/heartbeat check,ensure network usability

Basic Features

  • Support APN and VPDN wireless private network access in
  • GPS capability for fleet management or other tracking application
  • WAN port support PPPoE,static IP,DHCP client
  • Support 2.4G WiFi
  • Web/Management platform support,easy configure
  • Local and remote management (configuration,status,firmware upgrade,etc.)
  • Support DMZ,Port forwarding,Static NAT
  • Support DHCP Server
  • Support Dynamic DNS (DDNS)
  • DTU serial communication function,1 x RS232 or RS485
  • Support QoS,NTP
  • Schedule reboot

Optional Features

  • Load balancing,used for failover or backup between two networks
  • Support SNMP network management

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  • Product Selection List

    Model ZR2721A-G ZR2721V-G ZR2721E-G ZR2721S-G
    GPS Support Support Support Support
    Rate Cat4 Cat4 Cat4 Cat4
    FDD-LTE B2/4/5/12/13/17/B18/B25/26 B1/3/5/7/8/28 B1/3/5/7/8/20 B2/4/5/12/13/17/B18/B25/26
    TDD-LTE B41 B40 B40 B40
    WCDMA B2/4/5 B1/5/8 B1/5/8 B2/5/8
    EVDO BC0/1 None None None
    GSM 850/1900MHz 850/900/1800/1900MHz 900/1800MHz 850/900/1800/1900MHz
    WiFi 802.11b/g/n/,150Mbps 802.11b/g/n/,150Mbps 802.11b/g/n/,150Mbps 802.11b/g/n/,150Mbps
    Serial Port RS232 RS232 RS232 RS232
    Ethernet Port Million Ethernet Port Million Ethernet Port Million Ethernet Port Million Ethernet Port
    Note:You can choose not to need WiFi,and RS232 can be replaced by RS485.

    Applicable Countries

    ZR1721A-G USA / Canada / Guam, etc
    ZR1721V-G Australia / New Zealand / Taiwan, etc


    Southeast Asia: Taiwan, Indonesia / India / Thailand / Laos / Malaysia / Singapore / Korea / Vietnam, etcWest Asia: Qatar / UAE, etcEurope: Germany / France / UK / Italy / Belgium / Netherlands / Spain / Russia / Ukraine / Turkey / Outer Mongolia, etcAfrica: South Africa / Algeria / Ivory Coast / Nigeria / Egypt / Madagascar, etc
    ZR1721S-G Mexico / Brazil / Argentina / Chile / Peru / Colombia, etc
    4G ● Wireless Modules: Industrial cellular module
    ● Theoretical broadband: Max 150Mbps(DL)/50Mbps(UL)
    ● Transmit power: < 23dBm
    ● Receiving sensitivity: < -108dBm
    GPS ● GPS frequency: 1575.42MHz
    ● Sensitivity: capture -158dBm,track -162dBm
    ● TTFF: Cold Start 28s,Warm start 18s,Hot Start 1s
    WiFi ● Standard: Support IEEE802.11b/g/n/ac standard
    ● Theoretical broadband: 54Mbps(b/g);150Mbps(n)
    ● Security Encryption: It supports a variety of encryption WEP, WPA, WPA2, etc.
    ● Transmit power: About 15dBm(11n);16-17dBm(11g);18-20dBm(11b)
    ● Receiving sensitivity: <-72dBm@54Mpbs
    Interface Type ● WAN: 10/100M Ethernet port (RJ45 socket), adaptive MDI/MDIX,can be switched to LAN
    ● LAN: 10/100M Ethernet port (RJ45 socket), adaptive MDI/MDIX
    ● Serial: RS232 or Rs485 port,baud rate 2400~115200 bps
    ● Indicator Light: With “PWR”, “WAN”, “LAN”, “NET” indicator lights
    ● Antenna: 3 x standard SMA female antenna interfaces, namely cellular,GPS and WiFi
    ● SIM/USIM: Standard 1.8V/3V card interface
    ● Power: Standard 3-PIN power jack,reverse-voltage and over-voltage protection
    ● Reset: Restore the router to its original factory default settings
    Power ● Standard Power: DC 12V/1A
    ● Power Range: DC 7.5~32V
    ● Consumption: About 3W@12V DC
    Physical Dimension ● Shell: metal housing
    ● Size: About 100 x 95 x 25 mm(Does not include accessories such as antennas)
    ● Bare Machine Weight: About 260g(Does not include accessories such as antennas)
    Hardware ● CPU: Industrial 32bits CPU,Qualcomm QCA9531,650MHz
    ● FLASH/RAM: 16MB/128MB
    Use Environment ● Operating Temperature: -30~75℃
    ● Storage Temperature: -40~85℃
    ● Relative Humidity: <95% non-condensing

    ZR1000structural drawing

    • Industrial

    • Oil and Gas

    • Outdoor

    • Self-service Terminal

    • Vehicle WIFI

    • Wireless Charging

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