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IoT Solutions for Industry

As the industry shifts towards more efficient energy solutions and renewable energies, IoT is providing the tools the sector needs to move forward. Customers need to remotely monitor their sites and equipment in case of emergencies. With machines connected to the Internet, customers can keep track of everything wherever they are, free from travel.
Featuring complex and professional devices, high maintenance costs and time constraint on medical treatment, the healthcare industry calls for IoT connection. IoT provides efficient and highly personalised healthcare, from patient monitoring to equipment maintenance, both in office and from home.
In the era of industrial IoT, it is a must to connect various equipment into the Internet for remote monitoring and management, to increase productivity and reduce downtime. While automation machine builders assemble, repair and maintain machinery across a range of sectors, industrial decision makers at all levels have the same need- to gain remote access to systems.
The progress made in IoT and cellular communications has created an increasing number of retail transaction and service terminals connected to the Internet. From supply chain, to back-of-store operations and customer experience, IoT in retail is being utilised to improve store efficiency, increase security and create a better experience for shoppers – both online and in person.
Contemporary cities are becoming “smarter” with countless sensors, controllers and networking devices connecting all dots into the Internet. Life is made easier with more efficient energy use, faster communications and reduced operation costs.
IoT has made transportation smarter by connecting vehicles, roads and stations into the network. Traffic monitoring, driving behavior detection, route planning and real-time positioning facilitate security and efficiency on the road.